Established in 2001, CropSource International annually negotiates more than $60 million of sales of high-valued agricultural products to retail and manufacturing customers worldwide.

The essence of what we do is to convert what grows on trees and vines to cash. Founding partners Tom Leahy and John Weaver, together with their associates, utilize their many years of experience in global food sales, logistics, and agricultural operations to construct and manage sales channels for farm products that are designed not only to be profitable but also to last for many years. We are service providers seeking to make markets more efficient rather than one-off brokers or traders looking to capitalize on market imperfections. Our core goal is to provide reasonable returns to farmers and reasonably priced healthy food to consumers worldwide. 

Striving for efficiency

CropSource services include sales brokerage, sales agency, market research, promotion and advertising management, consulting, and logistics management. We are committed to constantly increasing our knowledge base of the global consumer, the various sales channels that deliver food to consumers, and marketing mechanisms to create demand. Utilizing a global network of agents and distributors, we put this knowledge to work placing our principals' products within arm's reach of consumers in markets as diverse as Tokyo, Berlin,  Jakarta, and Chicago, and in forms as varied as consumer packages to ingredient inclusions in yogurt, bread, cereal, and chocolate.


As an example of what we do, over a ten-year period CropSource took the product of a small start-up mango operation in the Southern Philippines into every retail outlet in New Zealand and Australia and approximately 50% of the US. This business not only has become profitable for its investors but also has created hundreds of jobs in an economically challenged part of the world.